Research Town Hall Meetings

VIDEO | The Office of Research Affairs held three informational Research Town Hall Meetings on October 12. Executive Director for Government Research Relations Angela Diaz and Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra Brown offered updates on the federal research budget, new regulations in federal agencies that impact researchers, and new opportunities from state and federal agencies for research funding and training grants. They held a Q&A session at each Town Hall for faculty to ask questions, raise issues and concerns, and provide feedback about their respective research priorities. In case you missed it, view the PowerPoint presentation here » 

Vice Chancellor for Research


Sandra A. Brown

Welcome to the wide world of research at UC San Diego. As you'll see from the diverse array of organizations and functions we oversee or support, the Office of Research Affairs plays a key role in the university's billion-dollar research enterprise. From our innovative and interdisciplinary Organized Research Units to the offices which manage the incredibly complex business of contracts and grants, we work, often behind the scenes, to ensure that faculty, postdoctoral scholars, staff and students have the resources they need to excel in scholarship, research and discovery.

The Office of Research Affairs provides value-added services that help our scholars and scientists compete for, win, and administer grants; streamlines administrative processes; oversees key research collaborations; helps speed discoveries to the marketplace; builds partnerships with industry and other institutions; and helps bring the next generation of researchers into our classrooms and labs.

Help Support Our University – And Others

As a member or friend of one of the top public research universities in the nation, you undoubtedly know how federal government-funded research has been crucial to driving our economic prosperity and competitiveness; advancing health and conquering diseases; addressing environmental sustainability and enhancing quality of life; and ensuring national security.

Please help ensure that UC San Diego and our sister campuses can continue to address the scientific, technological and health challenges facing California and the nation by reaching out to your members of Congress and asking them to support investments in federal research funding.

Thank you for your support of our university and all University of California campuses. Add your voice here.

How UC San Diego Will Become #1 in EV Resources

Our community-wide plan to move into the #1 position in the U.S. for campus and community electric vehicle resources. Read more


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The Office of Research Affairs provides timely notices to the research community on important information, policies updates and regulatory initiatives and changes. 

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Research News

Smart Earplug Company Developed by UC San Diego Undergrads Acquired by Bose

Hush, a noise-cancelling smart earplug startup company that was conceptualized by UC San Diego engineering undergraduates in professor Nate Delson’s Product Design and Entrepreneurship class has been acquired by audio giant Bose. Read more here. 

Campus Recognizes Impact of Mentorship at Annual Postdoctoral Scholar Awards


Each year since 2012, the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring and for Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar are given in recognition of the scholars and mentors who contribute to making UC San Diego one of the top research institutions in the nation. Read more here.

Center Explores Ways to Treat Human Disorders Using Biological Clock Genes


More than a decade ago, Stuart Brody dreamed about starting a new kind of research center at UC San Diego. It would bring biologists like himself working to understand the circadian rhythms of various kinds of organisms—from bacteria and plants to fruit flies and roundworms—together with researchers at the medical school investigating human sleep disorders. Read more here.

An Innovative Way to Educate Students About Circadian Biology


Circadian biology had long been overshadowed by other sub-disciplines in the biological sciences. But when Susan Golden was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) professor in 2014, she launched the UC San Diego BioClock Studio to promote and educate students about circadian biology. Read more here.