As part of the broad goals set out in the university's strategic plan, The Office of Research Affairs and the Academic Senate sponsored four workshops to help define and develop the direction of UC San Diego research in the decades ahead. We welcome and invite contributions from faculty members and other researchers in all disciplines and areas of scholarship, and encourage the broadest possible cross-campus participation. Please visit the workshops' individual web-pages for more information and to share your ideas.

Understanding Nature and Protecting the Planet


 February 4, 2014

We wish to understand the planet, its climate and ecosystems; to evaluate the impact of environmental change on human health and cultures; to develop and implement sustainable practices; to more effectively implement changes at an individual, community, and global level by integrating efforts in the basic and applied sciences with those in the social sciences and humanities.

Enriching Human Life and Society


 February 6, 2014

Our goals are to improve the health and lives of individuals; to develop medical, engineering, social and educational solutions to serve society; to understand humans, their cultures, and their health through basic sciences, medical sciences, history, arts, and social sciences; and to evaluate the emotional, economic, and policy impacts of technology.

Exploring the Basis of Human Knowledge and Creativity


 February 5, 2014

We seek to understand the neurological and cultural bases of cognition, communication and expression; to explore the human experience through the sciences, the arts, humanities and social sciences; to create new means of creative expression, more effective human organizations, and a framework for making more-informed policy decisions.

Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society


 February 11, 2014

Disparities in the quality of life and access to opportunities, the loss of social mobility, the ever-growing global interdependency and ethical questions stemming from it, including the rapid transformation of daily life by climate change and new communication and biomedical technologies pose a growing challenge to our future.