VC-Research Human Resources

Contact Information:

Stacey McDermaid – VC HR Manager 858-822-3491

Ingrid Pyper – HR Analyst 858-534-3123

ORU Core Services Human Resources

 The VC HR Manager:

-serves as a resource on VC-level HR matters related to:

  • Compensation
  • Classification
  • HR-related policies and procedures

-is the point of contact for VC approval for the following:

  • Equity increases
  • Classification

-is the point of contact for VC endorsement for the following:

  • “Above Midpoint” salaries for new hires
  • Returning retiree employment
  • Near relative employment
  • E-verify out of compliance reports
  • Stipend extensions beyond one year
  • Hiring violations
  • Layoffs
  • Performance awards greater than $5k
  • Telecommute/Remote work agreements (exceptional circumstances)